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Kirby Kirkpatrick and Success Express has been a leading provider of DiSC® Personality Assessment training and profiles for over a decade.  Whether you are looking for a multi-day training on all things DiSC® or a short introduction we can meet your needs. 

What is DiSC®?
The DiSC® Personality Profile Assessment is the best personality assessment on the market.  Originally conceived in 1928 by William Marston, DiSC assessments evaluate the subjects personality and places their results on a continuum of 4 personality styles, or quadrants.  From this information we can better predict the subjects response to situational stimulus and events.  For example, if we know the subject scores very high in the “C” quadrant then we can safely assume that they like to have a great deal of information and tend to process and analyze before making a decision.  On the other hand if the subject scores high in the “i” dimension then they are more likely to be impulsive and rash in their decision making skills.  This information can provide a great deal of assistance whether we are in a sales situation or working with colleagues on a project team.

Why Wiley?
Success Express is an Authorized Partner of Wiley’s Everything DiSC®.  Wiley, formerly InScape Publishing and Carlson Educational Systems, has been a leading researcher and provider of DiSC® branded products for decades.  They have pioneered both paper assessments and the development of the new, more user friendly, on-line assessments.  If you want the best in DiSC®Assessments then you want Wiley!

Why Success Express?
Because you want the best of the best!  What happens when you combine outstanding classroom teaching techniques, a deep understanding of adult learning patterns, the ability to create custom curriculum designed to fit your needs, and an extensive background in business?  You get the best organization to reach your professional outcomes!

How do On-Line Assessments work?
We use the EPIC® Database system to facilitate and manage all DiSC® Assessments.  You may be familiar with the traditional DiSC® Classic Paper Profile.  Wiley has converted this profile into an on-line assessment that automatically scores and generates your completed profile.  This same approach is applied to all of the new EverythingDiSC® products removing human error from the scoring and saving valuable training time.  To find out more about the EPIC® system and how you can incorporate it into your business please follow the appropriate link below.

I have been using DiSC® Classic for years, why should I consider moving to EverythingDiSC®?
DiSC Classic has been the gold standard in personality assessments for years and you have been well justified in putting your faith into that product.  Success Express is proud to continue to support your use.  However, Wiley’s new EverythingDiSC® brand is taking the science of personality assessments into the 21st Century.  By going deeper into how our personality affects us in more specific avenues we can better use the tool to improve our workplace communication, leadership, management skills, and sales ability.  And best yet, with the new EverythingDiSC® products each person who completes an assessment gets a FREE MyEverythingDiSC.com website to track their assessments and dig deeper into the results.  This dynamic process is the centerpiece of each persons DiSC® experience and Wiley is continually upgrading and adding new, user friendly features!

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