We want your Seminar Experience to be Great!
 Here is some important information to help!
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Get the Most Out of Your Seminar

Before You Leave!

  • Review your Confirmation Packet.  Do we have the right Arrival and Departure date for you?  Is your arrival time at the hotel still accurate?  Do you have a balance due or is your account paid in full?  You will want to make sure this is all correct before you leave for Dallas.
  • Attach your personalized luggage tags to your bags BEFORE you leave!.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  Your tags tell the doormen, bellmen and housekeepers that you are with Success Express and their gratuities are included in their package.  If you need additional tags you may get them from our registration desk.
  • Talk with your Director about what outfits you will need for which functions and any special activities she has planned for you.
  • Please remember Dallas in July is VERY Hot but inside the hotel and Convention Center will be very cold so you will want to have layers.  (husbands this may mean you as well.)

Most Importantly, What do I Wear?

  • For Travel: Remember you are representing Mary Kay and you will want your travel wear to be appropriate.  You never know when you might meet a potential recruit. There is no guarantee when you will be able to get into your room upon arrival so you will want to make sure you travel in clothing that you will be comfortable picking up your packet wearing.
  • Day 0:  Professional Attire.  Skirt, Blouse, etc.  You will not be in your Mary Kay Uniform this day.
    • Area Awards Dinners:  These are Formal occasions so please check with your Director
  • Day 1:  Professional Mary Kay is expected.  (Husbands you will see all kinds but you will probably be most comfortable in Dockers and a sport shirt.  Jacket is optional but can be beneficial for warmth in the Convention Center.)
  • Day 2: AM - Same as Thursday, for Awards Night...this is your Formal Awards Program. (Think Mary Kay Academy Awards)  Formals will be present but if you are not receiving on stage recognition then a nice dress is sufficient. Husbands, a suit and tie is the norm.
  • Day 3: Professional Mary Kay attire again.


All Success Express functions require a ticket to attend!  You must present this ticket to your server to receive your meal.  Each ticket has your name on it and is unique to you.  YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND AN EVENT WITHOUT A TICKET!  THIS INCLUDES THE TIME AFTER THE MEAL IS SERVED.  Please realize hundreds of consultants have chosen to invest in this program so the hotel and your National can provide a high quality, motivational event.  Do NOT try to cheapen it for them by gate crashing after dinner.  We know this would never even cross the mind of most of you but our experience tells us there are a few who will and this can ruin it for the majority.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of the hotel to cater to all in the room and charge for all of the people in the room even “if they didn’t eat!”


Getting to the Hotel

Flying into Dallas:  You can take a cab, roughly $45.00 one way or the Super Shuttle.  (The shuttle is much less expensive but may make several stops.)  Both of these can be accessed by following signs in the airport to ground transportation.

Driving:  Upon Arrival you may have Valet Park your car (not included in the housing program) or utilize one of the 2 self park option.  The least expensive is to the south of the hotel.  The doormen can direct you and it is also on the above aerial photo of the hotel.

All Program Participants are staying at the
Hyatt Regency:
300 Reunion Blvd
Dallas TX

When to be where, and what to do when!

  • Day 000:  If you are arriving on this day it is a free day for you.  Please proceed to the main registration desk at the Hyatt and check in.  If you need assistance or have any challenges please feel free to contact Success Express at 317-435-0155
  • Day 00:  This is the main arrival day for Directors and some consultants.
    • Hotel Check in will be based upon availability and yield.  We will communicate with your prior to Seminar via email with more information about check in.   If your room is not ready the bellmen will be happy to store your luggage until it is.  Some Directors will have their first function at 2 PM.   
  • Day 0:  This is the main arrival day for consultants.  All company buses to the Convention Center leave from the Tower Entrance of the Hotel.  It is also from the convention center that you will take buses to corporate headquarters or the manufacturing facility.  For all the details on corporate activities this day please visit your InTouch web site.
  • Day 1:  Activities begin at the convention center at 8:30 AM and continue o 4:00 PM for Consultants and 5:00 PM for Directors. 
    • For most Areas your night is free unless your Director has provided you with additional information on Unit or Family activities.
  • Day 2:  Activities at the convention center begin at 8:30  and continue until Noon.  At that point you will return to the Hyatt to get a quick rest or get ready for the extravaganza that is Awards Night.
    • Royalty Reception invitees will want to return to the convention center between 1:30 and 1:45 Pm.  I
      Awards Night will begin at 3 PM and continue until 7:30 PM.  Upon the conclusion of Awards night you have the evening to celebrate with your friends or begin packing for the trip home. 
  • Day 3:  Seminar Comes to a close at the convention center at  noon.  However, before you depart the Hyatt for the closing activities you will want to get ready to check out.  Because you are participating in our program we have made some special arrangements just for you.
    • Please pack your bags neatly and sealed and tagged with our special Success Express luggage tags.
    • Set them just inside your room door before 8;30 AM.
    • The bellmen will then pick the bags up while you are enjoying the closing festivities and the talks from the Top 3 Directors at the your Seminar.
    • Upon your return from the convention center you can pick your bags up in a special holding area just for Success Express


Included in your package are tips and gratuities for housekeepers, bellmen and doormen.  What this means is they have already been paid to carry you bags to your room and pick them up.  And the housekeepers have already been giving a gratuity for the spectacular job they do in keeping your room clean.

What they haven't been paid for is extra deliveries, calling a cab, getting ice, carrying 17 bags full of what has to be rocks, or cleaning up after you if you like to leave your hotel room like a disaster area.  If any of these apply to you please do provide an above and beyond gratuity for these services.

Remember these employees make most of their money off the generosity of their guests.  Please take care of them accordingly.

Need Assistance

You may feel free to call Kirby at any time:  317-435-0155.  However, during check-in days and convention days he may not be able to answer his phone.  You may have more luck by texting or emailing him!




1501 S Catlin Rd
Rockville IN 47872





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