2017 Success Express  Go-Give Seminar Housing Program
at the Hyatt Regency Dallas

Top Reasons why a Go-Give Director or Consultant should use Success Express

1.  Ease of Registration:  No fighting with the hotel reservation system when you register for Seminar.  You register with Success Express and work within our block of rooms.
2. Assistance Finding Roommates.  Only have 1 or 2 Consultants attending who want to save money. We will help them find people to share the cost with.
3. Insurance against room mates flaking out!  When a consultant registers with us we guarantee that their rate will not change if their room mates choose not to go. (some restrictions apply)
4. NO ROOM CAPTAINS!  Each person is treated as an individual so no one person is responsible for holding room on their credit card.

5.  You are in control of your payments.  We do not store credit cards for future processing.  You will know right away if there is any problem with your payment.
6.  Express Check-In:  Your package is pre-paid so the check in process is quicker and smoother.
7.  Express Check-Out:  On Day 3 all you have to do is pack your bags and leave them inside your hotel room.  The bellmen pick up your bags and store them until you return from the Convention Center.
8.  KIRBY!!!  You have a resource and an advocate should you need assistance or have questions about Seminar.

Day 00 = July 23
Day 0 = July 24
Day 1 = July 25
Day 2 = July 26
Day 3 = July 27

Day 00 = July 31
Day 0 = July 25
Day 1 = July 26
Day 2 = August 3
Day 3 = August 4

Features of our “BASIC” Housing Program

  • 3 Nights lodging at the Hyatt: Arrive Day 0, Depart Day 3.
  • Tax for the Above Room Charges (15%)
  • Gratuity for Housekeepers
  • Gratuity for Doormen and Bellmen (Arrival and Departure only)
  • Special Success Express Luggage Tags
  • Assistance in finding Roommates when possible**
  • Express Check-In and Check-Out
  • On-Site Assistance with your hotel arrangements.

* Additional Nights may be purchased
** Non-Smoking, basic package, female guaranteed.  All others will be given as much assistance as possible

Special Notes And Important Information
about the Hotel

  • We comply with the agreement between Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. and the Hyatt Regency-Dallas as well as Dallas City Fire Codes and DO NOT offer accommodations for more then four persons per room.  Anyone allowing more then the “paid-for” number of persons in their room are required to be reported to hotel security.
  • Registering for Success Express Housing programs is separate from the Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc Seminar registration.  Our program is for hotel expenses only.  Registration for Seminar must be made directly with Mary Kay, Inc. and is a separate charge.
  • The Hyatt has asked that all unused rooms be returned to them by Mid June.  Due to this fact Success Express cannot guarantee space availability after June 16, 2017.  Therefore, you will want to complete your registration ASAP.  All rooms are first come first serve basis.

About the Hyatt

  • 1122 Contemporary Styled rooms on 28 floors in this 4 star setting.
  • Just minutes from the convention center.
  • Adjacent to Union Station and the Dart Light Rail Stop.
    For More information visit their Web Site Here!  DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS WITH THE HOTEL DIRECTLY. 

Hotel Address:  300 Reunion Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207

Schedule of Events

  • Day 00: Early Arrival
    Today’s Arrivals will need to purchase 1 extra night with their package.
  • Day 0: Tours and Corporate Registration pick up occurs all day.  All Mary Kay sponsored events will take place at the Convention Center.  The Go-Give Area has a special recognition night tonight.  A special reception for on-stage recognition begins at 4 PM (by invitation only) with the Go-Awards program starting at 7:00 PM.  Attire is After Five.
  • Day 1:  First Day of Seminar.  General Sessions begin at 8:30 AM at the convention center.  The evening is reserved for you to have time with your unit or relax with your friends.  Please check with your Director for planned activities on this night. 
  • Day 2:  Seminar Continues with training all morning.  Classes will be held from 8:00 AM - Noon.  For lunch there will be a grab and go box lunch available for you as you return to the hotel for a short rest.    At 3 PM a Special Royalty reception will be held for those who qualify followed at 4 PM with the Annual Awards AFTERNOON.  The Awards program will conclude at approximately 7:30 PM.  Following Awards Night will be a special After Party. Check InTouch for more details. 
  • Day 3: Closing General session will begin at 9 AM and end approximately 12 PM.  You will get a chance to hear from the Top 3 Directors and many others.   You do NOT want to miss this session so please schedule your flights to leave late afternoon. 

What to Expect from Your Seminar and Success Express Housing Program Experience!

Getting to Dallas...
...If you are flying you can fly into either Dallas/Fort Worth International (Most Popular) or Love Field (Served by Southwest Airlines and just completing a huge renovation.)  DFW is about 35 minutes outside of the city while Love is closer to downtown and just about 20 minutes from the hotel.  At either airport you will find shuttles that can take you to the hotel as well as cabs.  Cabs are the most convenient as they will take you straight to the hotel but they will be more expensive.  The flat rate is $40.00 one way from DFW  to Downtown and $18.00 for Love Field (prices are based upon best available knowledge and may vary).  If you choose a shuttle it will be approximately $17.00 one way from either airport (Fare based upon Super Shuttle without coupons or discounts)  The shuttle will drop at all hotels represented by the up to 9 passengers on the van.  This may delay your arrival at the hotel unless you are fortunate enough to get a shuttle with a large group going to the same desTination.  Return trip reservations can and should be made in advance.

Upon Arrival at the hotel...
...If you arrive on Day 0000 or Day 000 please proceed directly to the front desk for check-in.  The hotel will have your reservation on file and will give you your room key.  We will not have a welcome desk on these days but should you have any challenges feel free to contact me at 317-435-0155.
...If you arrive on Day 00 or Day 0 you will also proceed to the front desk for check-in but on these days we will also have a hospitality desk in the lobby from 9 AM - 5 PM to assist you with any challenges or questions you may have.  You will only need to stop by our desk if you have a problem, need to pick up a confirmation packet or tickets, have questions or just want to say HI!.  I will be there to assist you in whatever manner I can. (SPECIAL NOTE:  SOME YEARS WE DO CHECK IN AT OUR HOSPITALITY DESK.  PLEASE WATCH YOUR EMAIL AS WE APPROACH SEMINAR FOR CHECK IN INFORMATION.)

Regardless of what day you arrive please remember that your gratuities are included in you package.  The special Success Express luggage tags you will receive tell the doormen, bellmen and housekeepers that you are part of our program and they will be tipped for their services after Seminar is over.  With that in mind, you may let the doormen take your bags to the bell stand.  After receiving your key,  all you have to do is tell the bellmen which bags are yours and your room number and they will deliver your bags to your room.  You do not even need to be there!  OF COURSE,  if any of these parties provide above and beyond service you are always allowed to give them an additional thank you.

NOTE:  Hotel check in is not until 4 PM.  You should arrive at the hotel dressed and ready in case your room is not ready yet.  Should this be the case,  the bellmen can store your luggage and you will be free to pick up your packet, go to meetings or see the sights depending upon when you arrive. 

On Day 0!!!  This is when it gets really exciting.  You will want to make your way to the Convention Center to pick up your registration packet.  The company will provide complimentary bus transportation from the Hyatt to the convention center.  These usually depart from the Tower Entrance to the hotel and run on a constant shuttle.  At the Convention Center you will be greeted by the fabulous Mary Kay staff who will direct you to registration. After registering you can take advantage of several opportunities offered by the company.  You may tour Mary Kay Headquarters or the Manufacturing Center, there are several receptions and mingles going on throughout the day for those who qualify, and of course there is the expo.  All transportation to MK events is handled by the company and leaves from the Convention Center.  You can find out more information on your InTouch site as well as in communication from MK Corporate.

On Day 1!!  The fun and magic of Seminar really begins to take off.  General Sessions start in the Arena at 8:30 AM.  You will want to be down in the hotel lobby by 7:15 AM to catch the start of the show.

On Day 2!!!  This could be the day that changes your life!!!!  Things ramp up at the convention center again around  8 AM for the  General Session.  The morning will be filled with Education and Inspiration as you will have career classes in addition to your general session.  Mary Kay is providing a box lunch for you to take with you back to the Hyatt for a quick rest and to get ready for the Famous Mary Kay Annual Awards Show.  This year the program will begin with a Royalty Reception (by invitation only) at 3:00 PM followed by a 4 PM program start.  Upon the conclusion of awards night around 7:30 PM there will be a special after party.  Please see InTouch for more details.

On Day 3!!!  Seminar is coming to a close.  You will want to pack up your luggage and have it ready just inside your door by 8:30 in the morning.  The bellmen will then go room to room while you are at the convention center collecting your luggage and putting it in a special Success Express storage location for you to pick up in the afternoon.  Please help us by making sure all of your bags are well packed and closed as well as labeled with a Success Express luggage tag and your name, address and phone number.  Upon returning to the Hyatt you will just go to the storage area and identify your bags.  A bellmen will happily assist you out to your transportation.  Your bags will safely be stored in this area until early evening at which time they will be relocated to the long term storage.  Please feel free to take your time if you have a late afternoon flight.

Upon your return home!!!!  You will be on cloud nine and excited about the Mary Kay Bubble you were just in as well as what this career can offer you.  After taking some time to love on your family and friends you will hit the ground running to make sure that at Seminar 2018  you are walking across that stage receiving your very own diamond ring, or car keys, or more!!!

Package Rates
All Rates are for 3 nights, All attendees must register separately (except spouses)

$40.00.  AFTER JULY 5TH THEY INCREASE $80.00 are on a space available basis only.

  • Consultant/Spouse:  1 King Bed  $834.00
  • Single:  1 King Bed:  $796.00
  • Double:  2 People/2 Beds (one of which may be a roll a way): $482.00/person
  • Triple:  3 People/2 Beds (one of which may be a roll a way): $345.00/person
  • Quad:  4 People/2 Beds:  $276.00/person

Extra Nights:

  • Consultant/Spouse:  $239.00
  • Single:  $239.00
  • Double: $135.00/person
  • Triple:  $90.00/person
  • Quad:  $68.00/person

What you need to know about Roommates

Success Express works very hard to put you with your requested roommates and to accommodate you if you are in need of roommates.  In order to make this work there are some guidelines that are necesary.

  1. All roommates must register and must register prior to the June 16th deadline to guarantee placement together.
  2. All roommates must arrive and depart on the same day.  If they do not, mates will be reassigned or charged the difference at the discretion of Success Express.
  3. The Hyatt Regency has a limited supply of rooms with 2 double beds.  These will be assigned first to those with a quad occupancy.  Triples/Double my have a King and a Roll a Way.
  4. We can only guarantee roommate assistance if you are in a standard package.  (Non-Smoker, Female, Day 0 - 3.)  Other situations we will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee.
  5. If one of your roommates cancels or decides not attend we will assume you want to save money and will assign you a new roommate.  If we are unable to assign you one you will NOT be liable for the additional expense.  If you do NOT wish us to assign you a new roommate you WILL be required to pay the difference
  6. ROOMS WILL HAVE A MAXIMUM OF 2 BEDS.  We do NOT guarantee someone their own bed when making a Triple or Quad Reservation.  If you choose for us to find you a roommate you will likely be sharing a bed with a stranger.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations can be made prior to July 1, 2017 All cancellations must be in writing via email or mail and must be accompanied by any confirmation material that has been received.  (tickets, luggage tags, etc.).  Cancellations received in writing by July 1st will be refunded in total minus a $75.00 processing fee.  After July 1st, all packages become non refundable but may be transferred to another consultant.  (Transfers must be exact transfers, arrival/departure dates, room type and room assignment.


In our continued effort to provide the best possible program and options for your attendees we have decided to eliminate the finance plan this year and replace it with a special Deposit Option.  By making this switch we are able to offer a more forgiving cancellation policy for those who do not wish, or are unable to pay for their full package prior to the registration deadline.

The Deposit schedule is as follows:
Quad and Triple Reservations:  $125.00
Double Reservations:  $175.00
Single and Consultant/Spouse Reservations:  $300.00

These deposits are due no later then June 16th.  All registrations after June 16th will be required to pay in full at the time of registration.  (NO EXCEPTIONS!)  If you elect to participate in the deposit program your balance will be due by July 5th for Ruby and July 11th for  Emerald

To make additional payments to your account after registering you may use our On-Line Payment System.



Cash Discount:

We offer several ways to register including on-line.  We also accept all major credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.  However, as a business person you are aware there additional expenses associated with these methods of payment.  Therefore, we offer a Cash Discount to anyone who sends us a payment using a money order or certified check.  You may print off a hard copy of the registration form and mail it with your payment to receive the discount.  This discount is 5% of your total cost and can save you a significant amount of money.  (the cash discount applies to the portion of your package you pay with a money order or cashier’s check.) WE DO NOT TAKE PERSONAL CHECKS

Release of Liability

By participating in the Success Housing Program at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, TX, you understand and agree to the conditions set forth above and in all related Success Express literature.  you acknowledge that:  1. This package does not include any incidental charges such as telephone calls, parking fees, movies or food and beverages charged to your room;  2. you are to pay all such charges to the hotel before leaving, or authorize Success Express to bill you a fee equal to these charges plus an additional 10% service fee (minimum $5.00);  3.  you agree to the stated cancellation policy concerning this event; 4. you release Success Express, its aides, and its employees, from responsibility arising out of, or in any way connected to, the arrangements or accommodations they have made for this event.




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